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“In the realm of self-awareness, lies the simplicity of existence: Recognize the moment of triggering, and behold the power to act.”

Maximilian Jenewein



We only have one life, and we should remind ourselves of this fact every day. In today’s world, we almost exclusively view our lives through filters and camera lenses. This leads to an increasing number of people becoming unhappy, as we only see the highlights of our peers’ lives on social media and consider this to be their everyday reality. Personally, I have found myself in this situation time and time again. This can cause fears, self-doubts, and misplaced beliefs that can upend your world.

This is also what led to the creation of Recordamini. With this project, I aim to help individuals reflect on themselves and question their current state. On this website, you will find everything from basics to studies and implementation.

I wish you all the best and the success you hope for.

Yours, Maximilian